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Valentine Day event - AN HOUR OF DESSERTS ‘PLUS’

Date: February 14th- From 7 pm – 8 pm- @ Church Facility


1-Donations: Chocolate Kisses, desserts, and beverages

Bring to church on Sun. 12th or Tue 14th.

2-Pre- event: Evangelism

Groups of people taking to the streets to evangelize and invite people to the event.

Saturday 2 – 4 pm (arrive at church 1:30pm)

Groups training on Feb. 5th after service.

3-Event itself-  Come to participate hosting and fellowshipping with our guests. 

If you have a heart for the elderly, then this is the outreach for you!

God has opened a door for us, to hold a church service for the residents at Laurel Place care facility, the first Sunday of every month.

What a wonderful opportunity for those that are shut in due to their health conditions, to not be shut out from hearing the gospel!

Those that are Christians there, miss going to church and those who have not received Jesus as their Saviour yet, God has not forgotten

He has given us the privilege of sharing Gods word with them, so faith can come.

This ministry impacts the lives of those living here, as some never get visited by their own families As a Family of God

we can make a difference This outreach is an extension of Gods love and compassion flowing through you to show them that God Cares and so do we! If you would like to minister at Laurel Place, please see Cindy Hope for more details

Laurel Place---- 9688 137 A street , Surrey

Service starts at 2 pm - First Sunday of every month

Bread Ministry

Once a month along with our Community Partner, Word of Life Church provides bread as an outreach to families in need in our neighborhood.

If God is calling you to serve on this area, please contact.

Need Bread??

Call us at 778-386 8598

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