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Start. (Book) Jon Acuff

No one aims for average, sets out for status quo or longs for ordinary. Punch out of fear, escape the mundane and do work that matters. Since the dawn of time, every wildly successful life has gone through the same five stages. They used to be tied to your age: 20's- Learn, 30's- edit, 40's- master, 50's- harvest, and 60's- guide. But now, you don't have to be in your 20's to learn and you don't have to be in your 50's to harvest. You just have to Start.

Mastering the Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success

(Book) Andy Andrews

In Mastering the Seven Decisions, Andrews generously shares the tools you need to experience success and offers an in-depth explanation of The Seven Decisions and exercises on how to integrate The Seven Decisions into your daily life. These proven principles will impact every area of your life—parenting, relationships, career, and financial achievement—and help extinguish limiting behaviors.

Acres of Diamonds & As a Man Thinketh (Book) Russell H.Conwell & James Allen

Two inspirational classics in one volume! Acres of Diamond challenges the reader to recognize and appreciate the God-given resources and privileges that surround him. As a Man Thinketh reminds the reader that he is what he thinks and that no matter the external circumstances, the real him is hidden in his heart.

Success, Motivation and the Scriptures (Book) William H. Cook

This 'milestone' book teaches that Bible principles, properly applied, will make every day practical and exciting. Correct principles of success and motivation carry the potential of producing daily 'situational-happiness.'

This New Life (Book) Billy Joe Daugherty

This book was designed to give Christians a basic scriptural foundation in seven important Bible truths. It is by no means a completed study but rather an introduction to them. It will be helpful in personal devotional reading Bible study and as a reference book.

Winning in Trouble Times (Book) Creflo Dollar

If hope had a road map, this Bible inspired book would help you navigate your way through the most difficult circumstances of marriage, family, finances, and career, showing you a life path free from fear. In this book you will discover the keys to developing character and acquiring answers necessary for growth and excellence. Here is the guidance you need to transform your thinking into everyday practices that will produce real results in your life.

The Proving Ground: Nine Test that Prove Your Personal Potential

(Book) Kevin Gerald

The goal of every achiever is to pass the test. Testing always precedes promotion. If you want to advance to the third grade in school, you must first pass the test of second grade. Likewise, you can’t get into college without a high school diploma or equivalent. Life is similar. God will require each of us to prove our potential at one level before being promoted to the next.

Right and Wrong Thinking (Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

In this book Kenneth E. Hagin tells us, “What we believe is the result of our thinking. If we think wrong we believe wrong. The Word of God is given to us to straighten out our thinking. And if our believing is wrong, our confession will be wrong.” Renew your mind.

Hey, God Why Is It Taking So Long? (Book) Lynette Hagin

“Wait” is not a word we like to hear – whether it’s said in a restaurant when we want to be seated at a table right away, or by our spouse when we’re ready to leave for church. We don’t like to be stuck in traffic or in a line at the grocery store. We want answers to problems as immediately as we want our microwave popcorn!

Life Lessons for a Generation that Needs to Hear (Book) Wallace Hickey

The author provides priceless, personal and practical Life Lessons that can only come through years of walking in the Word and following the leading of the Holy Spirit through every kind of challenge and change of life. You will smile…laugh out loud…shake your head…be moved and motivated to action…and blessed beyond measure by this timeless book of insight and wisdom.

Speak Up with Confidence (Book) Carol Kent

Whether you speak to a crowd of thousands or a classroom of ten, you want your audience to notice and pay attention to your message. This book is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through preparing and delivering any kind of message – from sharing your testimony or a devotional to leading a meeting or workshop.

Cure for the Common Life: Living Your Sweet Spot (Book) Max Lucado

“Sweet spot”. Golfers understand the term. So do tennis players. But you don’t have to swing a club to know this. What engineers give sports equipment, God gave you--a zone, a region, a life precinct in which you dwell. Life makes sweet sense when you find your spot. But if you are like 70 per cent of workers who have not found it, you find work to be dull and your talents seem wasted. You are suffering from the common life and you desperately need a cure. In this book you will find practical tools for exploring and identifying your own uniqueness motivation to put your strengths to work, and the prescription for finding your sweet spot.

God at Work – the Anointing for Business (Book) Rich Marshall

Learn not only what God wants, but how we can cooperate with His plan for the nations, not just the church. Discover how He wants you to step into a realm of ministry and fulfillment you have never dreamed possible. Learn how your work is the powerful dynamic of God's purpose for your life.

An Enemy Called Average (Book) John Mason

Within every person has been placed a desire to be different, distinctive…to be original. Deep down inside, everyone wants to be above average. No one wants to “just get by”. Divided into 52 nuggets of truth An Enemy Called Average is a source of godly wisdom, scriptural motivation and practical principles. The words of this book will stir up the gifts within you.

Be a People Person (Book) John Maxwell

Discover how to bring out the best in people. Being a leader means working with people and that’s not always an easy task! Interpersonal relationships can make or break a leader—whether in the office, the church, the committee, or elsewhere. That’s why it’s so important to be a people person” and develop your own skills in tapping the most precious of all resources—people.

Put Your Dream To The Test (Book) John Maxwell
Inside you'll find ten questions to help you see your dream and seize it. Maxwell will help you realize your true dream, take ownership, have clarity, make it a reality with passion, a pathway, and people. He'll give you perspective on the financial cost, the tenacity you must have, the fulfillment your after and show you the significance of your dream. After all, when you achieve your dream, the world becomes a better place.

The Revelation of Financial Renewal (Book) Clive Pick

In these last days, Father is releasing finances to His people. As we are obedient and understand the word of God regarding His financial system, the body of Christ will see a total change in their financial situation. As you read, you will discover the keys to your own financial breakthrough. We are in a divine time-slot for the miraculous to happen. Please embrace what Father is saying to you.

Spiritual Discipleship (Book) Oswald Sanders

Most Christians desire a life that brings glory and honor to God. Yet few fully understand the absolute sacrifice that Christ asks of a true disciple. In this revised edition J. Oswald sanders details the scriptural components of discipleship. Answering questions that range from descriptions of elemental conditions to those regarding ambition and goals, Spiritual Discipleship stresses the need for putting others before oneself and recognition of Christ’s lordship.

Improving Your Serve: The Art of Unselfish Living (Book) Charles Swindoll

More than ever before, selfishness has become a way of life. We think about ourselves, watch out for ourselves, talk about ourselves, and we defend ourselves when confronted with criticism. Ours is indeed a “me-first” generation that finds itself in a confused tailspin, smug and preoccupied with its own needs yet desperately lonely isolated and cold. This book provides straight talk on how to live an unselfish life… how to be a people–helper, how to serve rather than always expecting to receive, and how to give rather than striving to get and keep.

Spirit of the Mind (Book) Casey Treat

By the time you are fourteen years old, your thought patterns and attitudes are programmed into your mind. Positive and negative “programs” control the way you act, talk and make decisions. Casey writes that you can change those old programs and reprogram your “computer”---the spirit of the mind.

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