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It Can Happen To Anybody (Book) Russell Bixler

Who can God use? Does it take a dynamic, effervescent personality to be effective in God’s service? Can a timid, unassuming person have any chance at all to become an instrument of power in the hands of the Holy Spirit? The supernatural can take place in your life and after you read this book, you will also agree.

Anointed to be God's Servants (Book) Henry and Tom Blackaby

In this book Drs. Henry and Tom Blackaby reveal that God has deliberately designed His people to be interdependent –and that every one of us plays a crucial role in partnership with each other in furthering the kingdom. As you examine the life of Paul – a single individual whose God- given task was absolutely impossible to accomplish alone—you’ll find that spiritual leaders must have companions who support them through hard work and prayer, and by offering counsel, accountability, or financial support. It is not an easy role to play.

Thin Blue Line (Book) Christine Caine

God has placed seeds of greatness in each of us and the fact that we are alive is evidence that He knew the earth needed the potential that we are pregnant with. His desire is that we give birth to the dreams, ideas and visions we are carrying. Using the metaphor of pregnancy, Christine paints an inspiring and often hilarious picture of giving birth, both naturally and spiritually.

God’s Timing for Your Life (Book) Dutch Sheets

God has a plan for your life. But you must be ready and willing to act according to His will and His timing. This book will help you prepare for the pivotal moments of life and recognize the times and seasons God has ordained for you. You may be struggling through hard times. You may be overcome with fear or uncertainty. You may even have prayed hard and held on for so long that you’re beginning to think things will always be this way. Don’t give up! Your struggle will not be wasted – they may even be necessary to bring about God’s purpose.

Communion Meditations (Book) George Gritter

Pastors will appreciate the doctrinally sound and Christ-centered messages for the Lord’s table that this book provides. The messages bring comfort, assurance and joy to the hearts of God’s people. Both a brief outline and a full text are presented for each meditation.

Growing Up Spiritually (Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

The Body of Christ is in need of members who are spiritually mature. All of us begin at the New Birth as spiritual babes in Christ, but God doesn't intend that we stay that way. His desire is for us to grow into Christian maturity. In this book Rev. Hagin compares the stages of spiritual growth to those of physical growth. This book will help you locate where you are spiritually and then show you how to grow into the next stage of spiritual development.

Plans Purposes and Pursuits (Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

Bring the Gold Back into the Temple! Man has done in this day the same thing that was done in King Rehoboam’s day. In the Old Testament, the enemy came in and stole the gold out of the temple of the Lord. Then King Rehoboan came along and substituted brass for gold. Christians have done the same thing today. They have substituted the gold of the temple—God’s plans, purposes and pursuits for His New Testament Church—for the brass of the world. They have brought in to the Church worldly demonstration and substituted that for the real moving of God’s Spirit.

God’s Victory Plan (Book) Kenneth Hagin Jr.

Learn How to walk in God’s Victory! Throughout the Bible, you will find that God used the most unlikely and ordinary people to bring about His victory plan upon the earth—people just like you and me. And down through the centuries, great men and woman of faith have been those who found out what God’s victory plan was for them and then followed that plan exactly so they could walk in triumph. God has a plan of victory and triumph for you too. But you have a part to play in your own success. Only you can determine whether you will be a victim or a victor, a faith failure or a faith giant. God’s Victory Plan will show you how to take your place as a partner with God so you can succeed in everything you do! As you follow God’s plan exactly, you’ll enter into victory as a way of life!

How to Fulfill Your Divine Destiny: Biblical Principles for Accomplishing God's Plan for Your Life

(Book) Kenneth Hagin Jr.

Your Destiny Awaits! Did you know that you have a divine destiny? Well, you do! God has a plan for the life of every Christian, and that includes you! This book will help you understand what that destiny is, and how to fulfill it.

How to Make the Dream God Gave You Come True (Book) Kenneth Hagin Jr.

Dream Big Dreams for God. In this book Kenneth Hagin Jr. says, “Many of you feel trapped in failure, distress or sickness. Addressing both laypeople and ministers, Rev Hagin Jr. says, “You must begin to dream in line with God’s Word. You must see yourself a success. You must see yourself healed. You must see yourself more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. You must see yourself ‘greater than the circumstances around you, for greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world’ (1 John 4:4). “Dare to dream big dreams for God! Purpose in your heart that the dream God has given to you will not lie dormant, but you will do something about it. You will accomplish it. You will succeed for Him.”

Listen to Your Heart: We Must Each Make a Choice in Life (Book) Kenneth Hagin Jr.

Don’t settle for less than God’s best in your life! In this book Rev, Hagin Jr. gives a refreshing, practical approach to the subject of following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Rev. Hagin Jr. explains that as believers, we must each make a choice in life. We can determine to be led by the Holy Spirit and live a supernatural life according to God’s Word. Or we can follow our own plans and desires and live a carnal life dictated by the flesh and natural circumstances. The choice we make determines whether or not we will successfully fulfill God’s plan for our lives and receive God’s blessings in life.

Positioned To Bless (Book) Faisal Malick

The wisdom in this book is a personal mandate to embrace the eternal significance of the authority and favor God has ordained for you. This groundbreaking guide is a strategic handbook showing how to get to where you need to be in God's unique plan for you.

Do Something Make Your Life Count (Book) Miles McPherson

You can make a difference. You want your life to count—but how? By choosing to do something for others. This practical book guides each of us to discover what we were uniquely created to do—become Jesus’ hands and feet on the earth and change the world.

Absolute Surrender (Book) Andrew Murray

This book shows possibly the greatest need of the church as being the need for Absolute Surrender to God. The condition for obtaining God’s full blessing is absolute surrender to him. Andrew Murray expounds on how you might surrender fully to God and see the practical results of having done so. Are you willing to surrender yourself absolutely into his hands?

Living in the Light of Eternity (Book) Stacy and Paula Rinehart

What is it that transforms an ordinary person into someone with extraordinary impact in his respective arena of influence? The authors believe the missing link is one of vision, the ability to see what is unseen, to weigh life’s various options on the scales of eternity. If you sense the pressure of the world’s temporal mind-set, if you long for the integration of seeing life from a larger perspective, if you desire a life of spiritual vitality, read on.

The Purpose Driven Life (Book) Rick Warren

You are not an accident. Even before the universe was created, God had you in mind, and he planned you for his purposes. These purposes will extend far beyond the few years you will spend on earth. You were made to last forever! This book will help you understand why you are alive and God’s amazing plan for you—both here and now, and for eternity. He will guide you through a personal 40-day spiritual journey that will transform your answers to life’s most important question: What on earth am I here for?

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