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Let Us Praise (Book) Judson Cornwall

What is the scriptural basis for praise? This book attempts to answer this question. There are over 350 scriptural quotations or references in this book. The author establishes that praise is not Davidic but divine and that we are not emulating man’s pattern but God’s.

There’s Dynamite in Praise (Book) Don Gossett

Health, prosperity, salvation and safety—all of these things are prime targets of the enemy. But all that has been lost, stolen from you can be restored in the midst of praise? Within the pages of this book the author describes how you can receive miraculous and instantaneous healing; break the bondage of poverty and hunger permanently and much much more! Discover the tremendous power that awaits you in learning to praise the Lord.

The Untapped Power in Praise (Book) Kenneth Hagin Jr.

There is an untapped power in praising God that the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is yet discover. Trials can be overcome and victories can be won by praising God—praising Him just because you love him and because you believe in His ability to do for you what he has promised! The power of God is always available to set you free, but you tap into that power by praise! Praise keeps your eyes off the circumstances and onto God who performs wonders for you. Praise is the language of faith!

The Unquenchable Worshipper (Book) Matt Redman

This book is about a certain kind of worshipper. Unquenchable. Unstoppable. Undignified. Undone. On a quest to bring glory and pleasure to God, these worshippers will not allow themselves to be distracted or defeated. They long for their hearts, lives and songs to be the kind of offering God is looking for.

Shouting: What’s it All About? (Book) R.W. Schambach

It makes a difference when you understand the “shouting”. You do not like all that commotion. The important question is: Does God like it? What does God’s Word say about it? There is more to Pentecostal worship than noise.

The Practice of Praise (Book) C.H. Spurgeon

God lives in His praises. Spurgeon expounds on this and how to apply praise to practical purposes, increase your daily praise and establish the habit of praise in your life. Also, he reveals the secret of continual praise and how to develop conversation that praises God.

Praise: The Joy and Rewards of Praising God! (Book) C.H. Spurgeon

The author insightfully explains the many benefits of praising God; how praise strengthens others; when to praise God; different methods of praise; what to praise God for. Spurgeon explains that you can always have joy in your heart, regardless of your circumstances

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