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Boundaries with Kids (Book) Drs. Harry Cloud and John Townsend

Here is the help you need for raising your kids to take responsibility for their actions, attitudes and emotions. The authors take you through the ins and outs of establishing boundaries in your parenting and of instilling the kind of character in your children the will help them lead balanced, productive and fulfilling adult lives.

Family Promises (Book) Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

Few would deny the intense attack on today’s families. Rather than having the close-knit relations they dream of, little by little, people from all walk is of life are seeing their families torn apart. But God’s Word offers hope and solutions. That’s why Kenneth and Gloria Copeland have created Family Promises –a collection of scriptures and nuggets of truths especially for families. Inside, you’ll find scriptures you can stand on for singleness, marriage, children, your in-laws, brothers and sisters in Christ and more.

Parenting Isn’t for COWARDS (Book) Dr. James Dobson

One thing can be said about every parent in the world. They start out as ranked amateurs, and although many try to prepare themselves before having children, everyone makes mistakes. In this book Dr.Dobson celebrates parenthood. “We’ve, had enough of groveling in self-condemnation,” Dr.Dobson says. “We now need a healthy dose of confidence in our ability to raise our children properly.” He purposes to encourage parents who are raising their children in a shock wave society as they learn a better way to handle their child rearing responsibilities.   

Stories of the Heart and Home (Book) Dr. James Dobson

If experience is life’s greatest teacher…then an advance education is at your fingertips. In his best poignant stories gathered or experienced over the years the author shares a lifetime’s reservoir of knowledge. The pains and joy of growing up, the stresses of parenting, the longing to live with purpose—America’s favorite family advocate tells powerful, true stories that instruct by example and inspire with hope.

Let’s Make a Memory (Book) Shirley Dobson and Gloria Gaither

In today’s high-tension world, the family has become an endangered species—a group of people fragmented by the stress of meeting hectic schedules, making harried decisions and coping with ever-increasing financial demands . They are under the same roof, yet can’t find time to build the strong ties that make real family. The authors show how their own family traditions have formed lasting values in their homes. They also share a wealth of how-to information that will help you plan –not just depend on chance –for making meaningful memories in your own family.

How to Be a God Chaser and a Kid Chaser (Book) Tommy and Thetus Tenney

Combining years of both spiritual passion and practical parenting, Tommy Tenney and his mother, Thetus Tenney, answer the questions that every parent has. Helping them are the touching and sometimes humorous insights of such Christian greats as Beth Alves, Dutch and Ceci Sheets, Cindy Jacobs, and others you’ll have to open this book to discover.

Parenting with Purpose (Book) Paul and Billie Tsika

How do you become the parent you always wanted to be? Relationship coaches, Paul and Billie Tsika openly share their struggles and victories in raising three children throughout their 45 year marriage. They even take you behind closed doors and bring their own kids’ perspective into the book, having them share the good and bad of how they were parented. Get ready to transform your family! Start Parenting with Purpose and watch your children become the men and women God created them to be.


Singing Penguins and Puff-Up Toads (Book) William L. Coleman

Make family devotions into a family adventure. Your family will be delighted with the interesting, informative and sometimes bizarre facts found in these 52 devotionals.

The Fiery Furnace (Book) David Hewson

The author in a child-like manner shares the story of the three Hebrew boys who were thrown into the fiery furnace.

BIBLE: Lift the Flap (Book) Sally Lloyd Jones

Here is a child’s perfect introduction to the timeless stories of the Old and New Testaments. With flaps to open on every page children join in the thrill of discovery as they take part in each story. Through the pages of this stunning Bible, the greatest story ever told is traced and the wonderful news that God loves us is brought home to the heart of every child.

Words Kids Need to Hear (Book) David Staal

Words matter. Words can build up or words can tears down, pave a path toward God or set up roadblocks. One way or another, what children hear from the adults they trust makes a significant impact –now and for years to come. Words Kids Need to Hear offers compelling yet simple ways to build up the hearts of children through well-chosen words. This book offers an easy-to-follow learning path that will help us to be less careless and more intentional about the words we used while speaking with children.

Me, Myself and I (Book) Christine Harder Tangvald

I am special! This book will help you to develop you children’s awareness that God made them unique, increase you children’s confidence and self-esteem and help your children understand God’s love and care.

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