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Jesus and the Intellectual (Mini-Book) Bill Bright

The case for Jesus as the perfect sacrifice for man.

Quantum Faith (Mini-Book) Annette Capps

There are amazing similarities between the teachings of Jesus and the discoveries of the new physics quantum theory. In this book you will discover that your words and your faith are unseen forces that affect everything in your world

God's Creative Power (Mini-Book) Charles Capps

Christianity is called the great confession, but many Christians are confessing the worn thing. Your words have power so speak the Word and not doubt or fear-filled words.

Seedtime and Harvest (Mini-Book) Charles Capps

Seedtime and harvest is God's method of bringing forth His Kingdom into our lives. Everything produces after its kind, if you love you will reap love. When you plant the incorruptible seed of the Word, his promises become seed for the harvest.

Build Your Financial Foundation (Mini-Book) Gloria Copeland

The foundation is the most important part of any building. If it is not stable the entire structure is bound to fall. This holds true spiritually as well. True prosperity must be built on a solid foundation of the Word and fellowship with the Father.

God's Prescription for Divine Health (Mini-Book) Gloria Copeland

There is a medicine so powerful it can cure every disease known to man. It has no dangerous side affects and can even be take in large doses. The authors shares how the Word of God is medicine to your flesh.

God's Will is the Holy Spirit (Mini-Book) Gloria Copeland

Are you one of the many believers who have been taught that the infilling of the Holy Spirit was for a select few on the Day of Pentecost? Or that your received all of the Holy Spirit when you were born again? If so, you are being robbed of something very valuable and you do not even know it. Through an enlightening study by the author you can learn what the scripture really say about the Holy Spirit and the power that is available to us today.

Love the Secret to Your Success (Mini-Book) Gloria Copeland

Love is the key to unlock the doors to failure -free living. It never fails. When you live the love way--God's way--failure becomes a thing of the past.

Pressing in: It's Worth It All (Mini-Book) Gloria Copeland

Everything you have been called to do in this life is impossible for you to do alone. But take heart. You were born again to accomplish hard things-- impossible things!

The Winning Attitude (Mini-Book) Kenneth Copeland

You were created to be a winner. But you feel like a loser. What should you do? Renew your mind with the Word of God-- discover for yourself what it takes to have The Winning Attitude.

Welcome to the Family (Mini-Book) Kenneth Copeland

A guide to salvation, baptism in the Holy Spirit and healing.

One Word From God Can Change Your Destiny (Mini-Book) Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

God has an awesome plan for your life! Perhaps you have seen glimpses of this master plan in the gifts and talents he has given to you or even in the dream and vision you have seen of you future. In this book you will gain insight needed to place you on the road to your destiny and keep you there.

Raising Children without Fear (Mini-Book) Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

Taking your place as a godly parent has never been more important. In a world where kids find themselves bombarded with ungodly sights and sounds from television, internet, movies and magazines, parents are challenged to raised children who can stand against the fear and temptation of our time. But it can be done starting in your home. The authors share how to teach your children how to be separate from the things of the world and much much more.

This New Life (Mini-Book) Billy Joe Daugherty

This book provides the reader with seven basic scriptural foundation in seven important Bible truths. The simple format will make it useful in personal devotional reading, group Bible study, teaching aid for new converts and even as a reference book.

Laying on of Hands (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

The author provides great insight into the doctrine of laying on of hands as well as the practicals of "how to's".

Why Tongues (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

The infilling of the New Testament believers with the Holy Spirit should be our pattern today. The author walks the reader through the book of Acts and paints a picture of how they were fill and contends that that is the way that it should be done today.

How You Can Know the Will of God (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

Many people have difficulty finding the will of God. But the author shows us that guidance through the inner man can be learned and developed.

Learning to Flow with the Spirit of God (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

The author not only shows the reader what short circuits the power of God and how to interpret the the Spirit's flow but much much more.

The Glory of God (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

There is a a glory world, and sometimes that glory world is manifested in this world. When it is, it is by a supernatural manifestation of the power of God. We can still see the glory that the early Church saw…and even greater.

Faith Food (Spring) (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

Daily devotions for spring to feed your faith.

Faith Food (Winter) (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

Daily devotions for winter to feed your faith.

Faith Worketh by Love (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

Most people in the faith message are not missing it in there confessions. They are not missing it in knowing and believing what the Word says. They are missing it in not knowing how to walk in love.

Godliness is Profitable (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

There is profit from serving God. Living for God is not detrimental to a successful life. It is profitable unto all things.

How God Taught Me about Prosperity (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

The subject of prosperity is misunderstood in the church world today. The author shows you that God has a plan for you to walk in prosperity and it is found in his Word.

How to Write Your Own Ticket with God (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

The author shares four principles to receive from God say it, do it, receive it and tell it. It is all done by faith.

I Went to Hell (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

The author gives his account of his conversion and healing.

Knowing What Belongs to Us (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

Christians have been blessed with an inheritance in Christ. Everything that Jesus Christ bought and paid for at Calvary belongs to the Christian now.

Obedience in Finances (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

In order to exercise faith for finances you must first plant a seed. We must approach God the way he has instructed not the way we think is best.

Developing the Human Spirit (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

Train your spirit through God's Word. The author believes that training your human spirit is the key to success in all areas of life. The spirit grows through the study of God's Word. Science has spent millions of dollars to develop the physical body and the intellectual processes of man, but little has been done about developing man's spirit.

The Interceding Christian (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

The call to intercession is the call of the hour. This is the time when the great army of God must arise and take its place praying for governments, winning the lost and interceding for others. The authors teaches us how to pray for others with the help of the Holy Spirit; how to experience all that God has for us in the area of intercession and much much more.

The Precious Blood of Jesus (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

Circumstances make things precious. For example, hunger makes food precious, thirst makes water precious and sin make the blood of Jesus Christ precious. The blood of Jesus is precious because of its redeeming power and its cleansing power and yet it is the believer's weapon. Yes, it is precious!

The Real Faith (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

Many are praying to get faith when faith comes only by hearing the Word of God. Because we live in the natural, we tend to rely on our senses rather than on the truth of God's Word. Real faith is an Abraham-type faith that is based not on physical evidence but on the Word of God.

The Threefold Nature of Man (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

Understanding the threefold nature of man will give the reading a understanding that man is a spirit, possessing a soul and living in a body.

How to Keep Your Healing (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

The author shows that divine healing is for our physical bodies belong to us and shows how persons in need of healing might both receive and keep their healing.

Why Do People Fall Under the Power (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

Electricity has been around since God created the universe. Electricity is God's power in the natural and the Holy Spirit is God's power in the spiritual realm. When the natural comes into contact with the supernatural something has to give.

Come Out of the Valley (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin Jr.

Live on the mountaintop of God's victory. The author shows the reader how to use his faith in God's Word to activate the power of God; how to blast away every obstacle that blocks your way and much much more. 

Commanding Power (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin Jr.

The works that the Early Church saw was not done by any other means other than through Jesus and his power. Today, we have that same authority and power available to us. 

Get Acquainted with God (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin Jr.

The author shows how the believer can become acquainted with God as we not only agree with God but choose to conform to his will for our lives.

Itching Ears (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin Jr.

The problem in many churches is that believers are not hearing what the Spirit is saying but rather what they want to hear. They have become more interested in becoming entertained than growing in character. Be prepared to hear what the Spirit of God is wanting to say to you and content in what is given to you for reproof.

The Answer for Oppression (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin Jr.

Many people are walking around with a problem that in rooted in their souls. The devil brings lies that the individual believes and it leads to self-condemnation. The authors shows you how you can be free.

The Key to the Supernatural (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin Jr.

The author contends that the key to the last-day power will be found in two words:"unity" and "accord". Just as this was a theme in the early church where the believers saw mighty miracles, it will have to be a theme in these last days.

Unity: Key to the Age of Power (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin Jr.

The author contends that the key to the last-day power will be found in two words:"unity" and "accord". Just as this was a theme in the early church where the believers saw mighty miracles, it will have to be a theme in these last days.

The Life of Obedience (Mini-Book) Kenneth E. Hagin Jr.

The author contends that there is perhaps no single element that has kept the body of Christ from the blessing of the Lord as has disobedience. Do you wish to achieve all that God has destined for you to achieve? Do you want to reach your full potential in Christ? Obedience is the key for both the Body of Christ corporately and individually.

Identification (Mini-Book) E.W.Kenyon

Identification means our complete union with Jesus in His substitutionary Sacrifice. The teaching of identification is the legal side of redemption which unveils for us what Christ did for us from the time he went to the Cross to the time He sat down on the right hand of the father.

My Heart- Christ's Home (Mini-Book) Robert Boyd Munger

You can not live out your Christian life in your own strength, you need the grace of God and God and his grace are one.

A Place Called There (Mini-Book) John Osteen

If we follow Jesus everyone of our needs will be met. It is in the place called "there" that Jesus has commanded your blessing.

Born to Reproduce (Mini-Book) Dawson Trotman

As it is natural, believers are expected to reproduce. Each one win one.

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