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Straight Talk to Men AND Their Wives (Book) Dr.James Dobson

Straight Talk. For every husband who wants to know what it means to be a man… and how he should relate to his wife… to his children… his work... his God. For every wife who wants to understand … and be supportive.  

Tony Evans Speaks out on Divorce and Remarriage (Book) Tony Evans

In an imperfect world, divorce sometimes looks like the only option. In some cases, it may be. But, before we can understand divorce, Tony Evans asserts, we must understand God’s ideal for marriage. Combining a high view of marriage, compassion, and biblical authority. Tony Evans gives invaluable insight into divorce and remarriage.

What every Woman Wants in a Man (Book) A. L. Fiasconaro

This book was written for those men and women who are contemplating marriage and to those who are seeking the ultimate relationship with their marriage partner. This book is directed to the man, showing him practical, specific ways of learning to live with the mysterious being, woman. The secret to successful marriage and having a great love life is being in right relationship to God and each other. If you are a man (or a woman), this book is for you.

6 Lies the Devil Uses to Destroy Marriages (Book) Lisa Osteen (Comes)

The message of this book is must reading for every married couple—and everyone who intends to get married. If you have a happy marriage, this book will help protect you and your loved ones from Satan’s devices. If there is trouble in your home, this book will lead you to complete healing and restoration.

Communication: Key to Your Marriage (Book) H. Norman Wright

Your marriage is your most important human relationship. What does it take to make it intimate loving and fun? It starts with knowing how to talk to your spouse. Communication is the key to happy marriage.

One Flesh: God’s Gift of Passion, Love, Sex, and Romance in Marriage (Book) Bob Yandian

God’s wonderful plan is for a husband and wife to become one flesh—best friends and passionate lovers, ever growing more intimate. Yet for many Christians this seems an unattainable ideal. In this candid book, Pastor Bob Yandian and his wife, Loretta, saved their troubles marriage and learned to become one by rebuilding their relationship according to God’s blueprint. One Flesh reveals the missing ingredient from most manuals on sexual pleasure: Godly passion is a supernatural gift of God. When you have a strong relationship with your mate’s soul, the relationship with their bodies become something fantastic!

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