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The Practice of the Presence of God (Book) Donald Attwater

This book is made up of a few conversations and letters that have come down through the centuries concerning Brother Lawrence’s relationship with God. It tells of the spirituality which is within the reach of all. Brother Lawrence had no books in his kitchen, to study ways of finding God. He had to find his way, obviously by prayer.

Experiencing God (Book) Henry and Richard Blackaby

Experiencing God identifies and explores seven aspects of relating to God in a richer more personal way: knowing, loving, hearing, joining, believing, obeying and experiencing. This book encourages each of us to seek God’s guiding hand as He reveals His loving relationship to us. As we obey and understand God we become builders of his kingdom.

How To Receive From God (Book) Tom Brown

Most agree God is a giver, but they struggle to receive salvation, Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit, health and financial provision. This book cuts through the fog and confusion, providing a workable plan to help you receive from God.

The Harbinger (Book) Jonathan Cahn

There exists an ancient mystery that holds the secrets of America's future. One that is behind everything from 9/11 to the collapse of the global economy. God is sending a prophetic message on which America's future hangs. The revelations are so specific that even the most hardened skeptic will find it hard to put down. It may sound like a plot out of Hollywood except – it's real.

To Know Him (Book) Gloria Copeland

What if one morning you found Jesus sitting at your breakfast table? Your schedule would instantly changed. Priorities would be re-arranged. Somehow those things that have to be done now would just have to wait. In this dynamic book, To Know Him, you will discover how to: Re-establish communication with God Recognize His voice when He speaks to you Talk to God comfortably, without fear or anxiety Share your heart with Him openly and honestly Find answers to your specific questions

Understanding the Covenant of Partnership (Book) Kenneth Copeland

This is a time like no other. What is God’s plan for believers to live victoriously in these exciting –and challenging—days? And how will we bring in the end-time harvest of souls? To get the job done, God designed a unique connection—a way of knitting the Body of Christ together in love, in faith, in prayer, a way of joining our resources and anointings. His plan is partnership. Through this divine connection we can do together anything that God calls us to do. Where separately we would be limited, in faith together we have no limitations.

Welcome to God's Family (Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

Whether you’re a mature believer, a newborn babe in Christ, or someone who has never received eternal life by making Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour, Welcome to God’s Family offers a royal welcome into the Kingdom of God! This book explains what it means to be born again and how to increase in spiritual effectiveness and grow in the knowledge of what it means to be a part of God’s family!

Hosting the Presence (Book) Bill Johnson

Take a journey through the Old Testament and meet many great prophets and kings who were known as people of the Presence – people who God wanted to be with. Be encouraged toward a pursuit of the Presence of God above all else.

Secrets to Imitating God (Book) Bill Johnson

You were created to be a 'design star' by using your unique: Imagination, Wisdom, Creativity and Dreams. There are rooms in your world that need your special touch, regions in your world that need your inspiration and God has given you a blank cheque to create a better world. Learn how to work with God, using His unlimited supply to transform your family, community, your job or business, the nation and the world.

The Blood Covenant (Book) E.W. Kenyon

The significance of the Lord’s Table is understood fully by very few. The truth, hidden away in the memorial of Lord’s Table, and forming the foundation of it, is of such a nature that your heart will thrill in response to the possibilities that present themselves, and will stir you to lay hold on the same power and victory and miracles that became a part of the everyday life of the apostles. Learn more about the two covenants, contracts or agreements spoken of in the Bible.

Our God Is an Awesome God (Book) Ray McCauley

You can be a Christian all your life and never fully know God as your Father. When you study the character of God through His Word, you will discover that He is a good God…an awesome God! In this book the author examines the character and faithfulness of God and how these characteristics influence our lives as Christian believers. The book takes you pass acting the part of a Christian and shows you how to know and love God and experience great inner change.

Intimacy with the Almighty (Book) Charles Swindoll

Intimacy with the Almighty is something we all need… we all long for it. The alternative is a shallow superficial relationship with God, completely opposite of the Apostle Paul’s passionate goal: “that I may know Him”. But how do we develop that intimate walk? Charles Swindoll probes that reflective question in this study as he focuses on four disciplines that will draw you into deeper intimacy with God: simplicity, silence, solitude and surrender.

Divine Favor (Book) Bill Winston

God divinely favors every member of His family. If you are a Believer, you don't have to struggle to obtain God's favor. It's a free gift and part of His covenant. God's favor positions every Believer for supernatural success and blessing.

In His Image (Book) Philip Yancey and Paul Brand

Brand and Yancey show how accurately and intricately the human body portrays the Body of Christ. Together they unlock the remarkable, living lessons contained in our physical makeup. This book will open your eyes to the complex miracle of the human body, and the even more compelling spiritual truths that it reflects.


The Move of the Holy Spirit in the 10/40 Window (Book) Luis Bush and Beverley Pegues

This book has been birth out of a realization that the Body of Christ needs to be informed of the wondrous events orchestrated by the Holy Spirit in the 10/40 Window. The compilation of stories, testimonies and extraordinary occurrences depicted in the pages of this book has been a joint effort by men and women dedicated to reaching the lost with the glorious Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

GREATER GLORY (Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

If you were attending a play or a baseball game, it would be perfectly acceptable for you to clap. But when it comes to worshiping the Lord, clapping is neither praise nor worship. Clapping is applause. In this book Kenneth Hagin clearly explains why it’s so important for us to understand when it is appropriate to clap and when we should praise God. When we learn to praise and worship God in the right way, we will experience a deeper move of the Holy Spirit in our midst and move into God’s greater glory!

Experiencing the Holy Spirit (Book) Larry Keefauver

Have you experienced the life-changing power of truly walking in the presence of the Holy Spirit? In this unique captivating workbook, respected teacher and writer Dr. Larry Keefauver guides us through an interactive study of the Holy Spirit. This 12 week study will help you submit to the Holy Spirit and allow His breath to fill, empower and anoint you and flow in and through you. In your own strength you cannot walk the Christian walk, but by the Holy Spirit, you can have a stronger faith in God, a greater passion for following Christ and a more intense and purpose-filled life in the kingdom of God.

Word Spirit Power (Book) R.T. Kendall, Charles Carrin and Jack Taylor

When we emphasize knowing the Bible without welcoming the work of the Holy Spirit, we miss an element central to our faith. We need both the Word and the Spirit to live as God intends and to access the power available to us to draw a lost world to His Son. Only then can you live the truly effective, fruitful life He has empowered you to live.

Holy Fire (Book) R.T. Kendall

Setting the record straight about Holy Spirit's role in our lives and in the life of the church. Holy Spirit is greater than your theology, bigger than denominations, beyond all we can imagine and God's gift to the church and you.

The Holy Spirit (Book) Maria Woodworth-Etter

Here Maria Woodworth-Etter presents an enlightening look at how God wants to use His people mightily in this most momentous period of the world's history. Discover the exciting opportunities available to believers in the last days and experience God working through you in miraculous ways!

The Holy Spirit: Oil and Wine (Book) Bob Yandian

In this book Bob Yandian traces the vital works of the Holy Spirit from the fall of Adam and Eve through to the present time, showing the necessity of every believer receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit after receiving the experience of the new birth. In addition to a careful examination of oil and wine in scripture, Bob Yandian also answers challenging questions as: Did Adam die spiritually? Does a person need to speak in tongues? Can a person interpret what he prays in tongues? Does the devil understand what you pray in tongues?


The Name (Book) Franklin Graham

The Name shouts out a choice: Whom will you serve, give your life to, depend upon? Rebellious, self-willed, sinful people want to retain the right to decide themselves what way they will take. Jesus denies this option. “There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” Jesus is gentle, but not weak. He loves the sinner but is absolutely intolerant of sin. He is not a negotiator. He is LORD!

Jesus the Open Door (Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

Doors of heavenly opportunity and blessing await you! Don’t have the fatalistic attitude that others can walk through the open doors of God’s highest and best for their lives, but you can’t. You can walk in God’s perfect will for you! In Rev Hagin book, Jesus – the Open Door, you can learn how to cooperate with the Lord to experience open doors of blessing and opportunity in your life. You don’t have to be discouraged when it appears that man has shut certain doors and is seemingly holding you back from being all that you be. God has opened doors for you that no man can shut!

The Present-Day Ministry of Jesus Christ (Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

The Church has long focused on Christ’s sacrifice for mankind on the cross. But little time has been given to the study of His present-day ministry. Today Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father as our High Priest, our Advocate our Mediator, and our Intercessor. He is also Lord and Head of the Church—the Good Shepherd. He is our Keeper, the Supplier of our needs and the Giver of life more abundantly. The high priestly ministry of the Jesus meets every need of the believer from the moment he is born again until he is ushered into the presence of God at the end of life.

Because of Jesus (Book) Kenneth Hagin Jr.

This collection of three Christ-Exalting sermons preached by Kenneth Hagin Jr. takes you inside the Garden of Gethsemane to witness Jesus’ struggle; to the judgment Hall to watch an unruly crowd turn against Jesus; and to a house in Lydda to share Peter’s treasured memories of walking with the Lord.

Who is Christ? (Book) Bill Kaiser

This book is an examination of the nature of Jesus Christ, His pre-existence, His character as the Son of God. Emphasis is placed on what Christ experienced through the cross and resurrection and how Christ sees us free.

The Life and Teaching of Christ Vol. 1-3 (Book) Gordon Lindsay

He was a man of miracles. From a miraculous birth to miraculous resurrection, His story is filled with the supernatural, proof that the Father still cared for a world darkened with slavery, poverty and diseased. His were the hands of a healer, and His touch alone opened the eyes and hearts of thousands.

The Life of Christ (Book) Publishing Company (American Bible Society)

What does the Bible actually tell us about the life of Jesus of Nazareth? This book explores the events surrounding Jesus’ mission –his works, his parables, his disciples, and his teachings—as described in the New Testament Gospels. It invites readers to investigate anew Christ’s revolutionary message, based on the sacrifice he promised would bring new life to humankind.

In His Steps (Book) Charles Sheldon
What would Jesus do? It’s an excellent question—one that traces its origin to Charles Sheldon’s classic novel In His Steps. This time-honored book is the story of one church’s pledge to ask “What would Jesus do? before making any decision, however small or large. In His Steps is a most unusual appeal to the Christian to follow in Christi’s steps, regardless of what others may do. Without a doubt, you’ll find this newly abridged and updated edition to be one of the most challenging yet entertaining books you have ever read.

Basic Christianity (Book) John R. W. Stott

Who on earth is Jesus Christ? “If He is not who He said He was, and if He did not do what He said He had come to do, the whole superstructure of Christianity crumbles in ruins to the grounds.” This author explores the historical facts on which Christianity stands and helps you to discover what Jesus Christ can mean to you.

Why a Manger? (Book) Bodie and Brock Thoene

The authors explore the most profound and miraculous event in history. Why a Manger? provides historical insight that will leave you saying, “I only thought I knew the Christmas story.”

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