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Christ the Healer (Book) F.F. Bosworth

This book is sent out with the earnest prayer that many thousands more may learn to appropriate the many blessings promised in the Bible.

The Voice of Healing (Book) Randy Bozarth

Herein lies a look at the great visitation of God's Spirit between the 1940's and the mid-1960's. It is designed to help us today as a community of Bible-believing Christians to believe in and receive the signs, wonders and miracles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is written to encourage us to bring our neighborhoods and cities to embrace Jesus as personal Saviour and Lord.

Laughing Matters: Learning to Laugh when Life Stinks (Book) Phil Callaway

Do you resign or rejoice when reality bites? Sometimes life just stinks. People disappoint. Bad things happen. Hardship comes in double helpings. The last thing you want to do is laugh. So let humorist Phil Callaway show you --as only he can -- that some of the darkest times are those just before the fridge door opens.

Paul's Thorn In The Flesh (Book) Charles Capps

After reading this book you may realize that the enemy has assigned a messenger of satan to you to cause you problems. Learn from Paul's experience. Do as he did and be free.

Live Long, Finish Strong (Book) Gloria Copeland

Gloria Copeland reveals that through faith in, and focus on, the Word of God, people can be energized and renewed regardless of their chronological age. In each chapter she addresses specifics that readers can use to claim this supernatural health for themselves. Don't be willing to leave this earth until you're sure you've finished the work He has called you to do. Come discover the divine secrets to living long and finishing strong.

Healing Promises (Book) Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

God promised healing for His people and He never breaks a promise. Where is the healing power you need and how do you get it? It's all in God's Word, now you'll find the scriptures related to healing conveniently gather into this one book. Just read, believe and receive your healing.

The Seven Pillars of Health (Book) Dr. Don Colbert MD

Are you ready to begin a fifty-day journey that will change your life? Research shows that you can reduce your risk of disease by over 80 percent and reduce your risk of cancer by 60 percent or greater –simply by making healthy dietary and lifestyle choices. Many who believe that they will develop disease based on their family history or genetics have most likely only inherited their family’s poor dietary and lifestyle choices. Take control of your health now!

Toxic Relief (Book) Dr. Don Colbert MD

Your body may be so overwhelmed that it is sending you distress signals… Learn why you are at the risk of suffering from cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Discover why you don’t feel well and why you’re always tired. Examine the Sick Building Syndrome. Explore spiritual and physical aspects of fasting. Get ready to experience powerful relief!

And Jesus Healed Them All (Book) Gloria Copeland

The ministry of Jesus on earth revealed to men the expressed will of God in action. By His example and teaching man discovered that God’s will was to provided salvation, deliverance and especially healing to all who believe. In this enlightening study, Gloria Copeland examines the overwhelming scriptural evidence which proves that without a doubt it is God’s plan to heal today , just as in the time when “Jesus healed them all.”

Healing: Three Great Classics On Divine Healing (Book) Jonathan L. Graf

A compilation of Divine Healing by Andrew Murray, The Ministry of Healing by A.J. Gordon and The Gospel of Healing by A.B. Simpson as complied and edited by Jonathan L. Graf.

Healing Belongs to Us (Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

“I have prayed and prayed. I have been in healing meetings all over the country and have been prayed for many times, but still I am not healed. Can you help me?” These plaintive words begin Rev. Hagin’s book about your rights: Healing Belongs to Us. In it Rev. Hagin explains that Isaiah 53 tells us Jesus bore our sickness and carried our pains. He reveals why healing is sometimes blocked. “Healing” says Rev. Hagin, “is an accomplished fact.” He devotes the final chapter to “Possessing the Promise.”This concise, easy-to-read summary of your rights concerning healing is a must for every serious student of the Word.

Healing Scriptures (Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

God’s anointed Word is life and health to you. The Bible says God’s Word is medicine to all your flesh. But you need to learn how to take God’s medicine in order to get it to work for you. In this book, Brother Hagin gives clear instruction on how to take God’s medicine – His Word—so it can become healing and health to all your flesh. Healing Scriptures also contains scriptures about healing’ a commentary by Brother Hagin, and a real life illustration about a woman who diligently took God’s medicine – His Word – and was raised from her deathbed, miraculously healed of an incurable disease. God’s Word can heal any sickness or disease. So take your medicine! God’s anointed Word can become life and health to you.

Seven Things You Should Know About Divine Healing (Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

Why Isn’t everyone healed? Why do some people get healed and others do not? Is there more than one way to receive divine healing? What is the “best” way? Out of the riches of a ministry that spanned more than half a century, Rev. Hagin answers these and other questions in his book Seven Things You Should Know About Divine Healing. Rev Hagin began his divine healing as a teenager after five eminent physicians gave him up to die. In this book, he shares the results of his lifelong study of Scriptures as well as actual case histories.

The Key to Scriptural Healing (Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

Why doesn’t divine healing always come? What hindrances prevent the healing power of God from flowing in believer’s lives? In this book, Kenneth Hagin reveals secrets from the Scriptures that unlock the blessings of divine healing. He says, “The road to divine healing is seldom an expressway—more often than not it is strewn with roadblocks placed in our way by the devil to keep God’s people from the blessing of health which God has provided.”

Executing the Basics of Healing: A Game Plan for walking in Divine Health (Book) Kenneth Hagin Jr.

What is Your Game Plan? Do you know what to do when you are faced with symptoms of sickness in your body? Do you have a game plan for receiving healing and for walking in divine health? In this book, Rev. Kenneth Hagin Jr. provides simple solutions to these questions and many others. Using basic biblical truths and making the subject of healing easy to understand, he reveals the strategy for walking daily in divine health. He further examines God’s healing nature as it is revealed in Scripture and explains how Christians can execute God’s Word in the arena of healing to live victoriously over sickness and disease!

Faith Cure (Book) Nancy A. Hardesty

Hardesty focuses on the period from roughly 1870-1920, she observes that Holiness and Pentecostal leaders tended to offer healing as an experience and expectation within the community of faith and did not see themselves in any way as dispensers of healing. Their teaching and practice has persisted in many churches today.

God’s Power through Laying on of Hands (Book) Novel Hayes

Do you lay hands on the sick? If not, why not? Are we disobeying the Lord Jesus Christ when we don’t? If you have any reservations, this book will get rid of them and you’ll want to start laying hands on the sick before your finish this book!

How to Heal the Sick (Book) Charles and Frances Hunter

Charles and Frances Hunter have one of the most outstanding healing ministries in the world today! Their simple faith and belief in the Word of God has caused them to be used by God in many different and unique situations. Through their study of the Word of God and their experience of ministering healing to multiplied thousands, they have learned many different ways that the sick can be healed, and in this book they are sharing with the world what they have learned, so that you can heal the sick too!

Healing Starts Now! (Book) Joan Hunter

Read and receive the clearest and simplest instructions for ministering healing. This book takes much of the mystery out of healing prayer and your fear of praying for the sick will disappear. Learn to pray for the sick with confidence, knowing God will heal.

God's Generals: The Healing Evangelists (Book) Roberts Liardon

This book recounts the lives and ministries of the great healing evangelists of the twentieth century – Oral Roberts, Lester Sumrall, Charles and Frances Hunter, F.F. Bosworth and George Jeffreys. God used their lives to miraculously heal people by the thousands. Learn how you, too, can experience signs and miracles in your life and in the lives of others.

Bodily Healing and the Atonement (Book) Dr. T.J. McCrossen

Bodily Healing and the Atonement, a classic that was out of print for half a century, was discovered and re-edited by Rev. Hagin and Roy Hicks. From and in depth study of Isaiah 53 and First Peter 2:24, Dr. McCrossan clearly proves that the original, manuscript leave no room for doubt – Christ died for our sickness just as He died for our sins.

Divine Healing (Book) Andrew Murray

There are many questions about divine healing. Read this examination of what the Bible says about sickness and what we can do to obtain healing in Christ. Discover the healing promises of God and walk in wholeness and total health today!

Healing the Sick (Book) T.L. Osborn

Many thousands of people have experienced the healing of their bodies as they have acted upon the truths they have learned by reading this book. It is written clearly and simply on divine healing.

Living the Good Life (Book) David Patchell-Evans

Not everyone is cut out to be an athlete. But everyone can be fit. In Patch’s exercise universe, good enough is good enough. And this book shows how good enough can be great for you.

The Meaning of Faith (Book) Dr. Charles S. Price

Faith is a journey into the unseen, but it leads to the heavenly vision. It may be sometimes mysterious in its processes and feel like a leap into the dark, but it lands you in the light and always proves itself true. Faith opens its ears to the voice of an eternal Father as He calls upon His children to trust Him. If you want to discover an unshakable faith that knows Jesus Christ is always for you and with you, this book is for you.

Health and Wholeness Through the Holy Communion (Book) Joseph Prince

Misconceptions about the Holy Communion have robbed many believers of an important God-ordained avenue of healing and wholeness. This book explains how the blood is for our forgiveness and the body for our healing. It addresses issues that cause Christians to shun the Lord's table. This is a must-read for those who want to know God's appointed way to receive health and wholeness.

Jesus, God's Way of Healing and Power to Promote Health (Book) Wilford H. Reidt

This book shows that the key to continuous good health and healing of sickness and disease is available to all who understand and accept the power of Jesus as Savior in their lives. You will discover the knowledge used by the early church. That God working through His Son, Jesus Christ, is the great Healer and Physician of all mankind – whose Word and whose healing is available to all!

The Gospel Of Healing (Book) A.B. Simpson

Divine health, the importance of this subject and the emphatic way in which God's Spirit is pressing it into the attention of His people, demand for it the most careful and thorough scriptural study.

Natural Cures, “They” don't want you to know about (Book) Kevin Trudeau

Written to bring to light the enemies deception in medical and food practices that have limited and bound up too many people in physical, financial bondage.

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