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There Is Always Enough (Book) Rolland and Heidi Baker

This is not only a story of how God would take 14 people and one church, and grow it in five years to over 6,000 churches. It is the story of how God would prepare His chosen instruments for the powerful faith-based ministry that is presently shaking twelve countries in southern Africa.

Whatever Happened to the Power of God & It's Time to Rock the Boat (Book) Michael L. Brown

Two books in one, these groundbreaking works are ready to challenge a new generation of Christians to combat the status quo of a compromised church and a godless society.

God's Creative Power: Gift Collection (Book) Charles Capps

Your words are creating for you. Just as the heavens and earth were created by the spoken word, you have the ability to use words to create your world by learning to speak what God's word says about you.

The Tongue: A Creative Force (Book) Charles Capps

Words are the most powerful things in the universe. They will either put you over in life or hold you in bondage. Too many have been held captive. God's creative power is still just as it was in the beginning of time, when He said, “Light – be,” and light was. Man was created in the image of God and His likeness. Learn to speak His faith-filled words to your situation and see your life transformed.

Foundations of Faith Series (Book) Billy Joe Daugherty

This book is a compilation of 52 studies that are essential to the maturation of the believer. It allows for group discussions as well as individual study. This workbook format is user friendly.

Exceedingly Growing Faith (Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

This classic volume contains basics vital to understanding the faith life. Topics include: “How faith comes”; Now faith is”; “What it means to believe with the heart”; “How to train the human spirit” and “The God-kind of faith”. Exceedingly Growing Faith is relevant to every believer’s faith life because growth in faith principles comes from understanding and acting upon the important concepts collected here. For example, we feed upon God’s Word; then we exercise our faith by acting on God’s Word.

Foundations for Faith: Biblical Faith Simplified (Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

How Firm a Foundation! Faith is the foundation of the Christian life. Yet many believers don’t fully understand what true Bible faith is. Rev. Kenneth Hagin’s study guide Foundations for Faith, teaches the basic principles of faith and discusses why faith is the key to receiving from God.

God’s Word: A Never-failing Remedy (Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

God’s Word –It’s the Cure! This book reveals that the never-failing remedy for every adversity of life, including sickness and disease, can be found in the pages of God’s holy written Word! God’s Word has the power to change any situation or circumstance. And when you know the Word and act on it, it truly becomes a never-failing remedy!

How to Turn Your Faith Loose (Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

“Nowhere does the Bible teach that if you just believe in your heart you’ll get an answer. It teaches that if you believe it with your heart and say it with your mouth, you shall have whatever you say. This is one of the “secrets” of confessions the Rev. Hagin shares in this book How To Turn Your Faith Loose. “There is no faith without confession,” Rev Hagin teaches. “Confession is faith’s way of expressing itself… With your mouth you are either going to give God dominion over you or you are going to give Satan dominion. Quit talking the devil’s language and start talking God’s language.”


The God-kind of faith moves mountains. One of the most important Bible facts that will establish believers in a victorious faith walk is that they already have faith! They have a measure of the God-kind of faith – the faith of God that created the worlds in the beginning. Mountain- Moving Faith teaches believers seven fundamental facts of faith that will enable them to change their circumstances and move mountains out of their lives. In this book, Brother Hagin explains how faith grows and the difference between head-faith and heart-faith. He also discusses the powerful role of forgiveness in the faith life, how to release your faith, how to use your faith to receive financial needs met, and how you can use your faith to help someone else.

New Thresholds of Faith (Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

Understanding true Bible faith is the key to receiving God’s promises. Receiving from God is not limited to any age but it is limited according to your faith. Faith makes the difference between defeat and victory in a Christian life. Each of the 26 easy-to- understand lessons in this book was prepared to help you achieve a workable operation of faith in your life—a faith that works. These lessons correspond to Kenneth Hagin’s Bible Faith Study Course, and they were designed for group study as well as daily devotional use.

Turning Hopeless Situations Around (Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

Be assured that nothing is hopeless with God—no matter what the doctor’s diagnosis indicates, no matter what the devil ceaselessly torments you with. Nothing. Not cancer, not drugs, not a loved one’s problem. Why? Because Jesus said, “If thou canst believe all things are possible to him that believeth” (Mark 9:23). In this book Kenneth Hagin examines the story of Old Testament King Hezekiah, who faced a seemingly hopeless situation. Not only had his doctors declared his case incurable; the nation’s most renowned prophet, Isaiah, had prophesied that he would die. But Hezekiah knew there was a higher power to turn to. He turned his face to the wall and prayed to God. The king’s earnest prayer –with tears—touched the heart of God and turned his hopeless situation around. Study the message of this book and turn our hopeless situation around.

Understanding How to Fight the Good Fight of Faith (Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

Receive what belongs to you in Christ! In this powerful book, Rev. Hagin makes the observation: “What most people are praying for is already theirs if they just knew how to take hold of it…”! Understanding How to Fight the Good Fight of Faith presents a biblical viewpoint of your rights and privileges in Christ and how to receive what already belongs to you in Christ. Whatever your stage of development in the Christian walk, this book will minister to you.

Another Look at Faith (Book) Kenneth Hagin Jr.

Many believers have been discouraged because of a lack of knowledge concerning the operation of faith. Some have operated in presumption or even foolishness by trying to believe God for things He never promised in His Word. Others have failed to mix patient and perseverance with their faith and have fallen by the wayside, just short of obtaining the promise. So what does the Bible have to say about faith? Plenty! And in Another Look at Faith, Rev Kenneth Hagin Jr. offers insightful, Word-based answers to why some fail in their “faith” ventures and how you can receive answers from God’s Word when you learn to receive in faith.

Don’t Quit! Your Faith Will See You Through (Book) Kenneth Hagin Jr.

Throughout the Bible, from the very first pages of Genesis to last pages of the Book of Revelation, God has interwoven a message to His people everywhere, and it is, “Don’t Quit! Keep on trusting Me! I will bring you through any difficulty, and I will make you victorious in Me if you will only keep on believing Me and taking Me at My Word. “ And we must realize that even the great men and women of the Bible at times faced challenging obstacles they had to overcome by their faith in God. . .There will be challenges to our faith; there will be those times when we will be tempted to quit and give up. But what glory it brings to God to hold on to His Word and believe Him in spite of every opposition and see the fulfillment of His plan come to pass in our lives.

God’s Irresistible WORD (Book) Kenneth Hagin Jr.

God’s Storehouse of Treasure. Christians need to realize the treasure that is contained in God’s mighty, irresistible Word. They need to be aware that they can tap into this infallible storehouse of God’s riches and blessings to meet any need they might encounter in life. The Word of God contains all the power, all the resources and all the riches that God has placed at the Church’s disposal. In this day we need a fresh illumination of the power of God’s irresistible Word!

How to Live Worry-Free (Book) Kenneth Hagin Jr.

Is It Possible to Live Completely Worry-Free? God has called us as believers to live in peace, free from the entanglements of worry, fear, and anxiety that hold many in bondage. In How T o Live Worry-Free, Rev. Kenneth Hagin Jr. combines sound teaching from God’s Word with practical insights to illustrate the perils of worry and to help guide the believer into God’s safe haven of peace that passes all understanding. Rev. Hagin Jr. teaches that by practically applying God’s Word to life’s problem, you can live free from the bondage of worry and allow God to work in your life to turn around negative situations and circumstances.

It’s Your Move (Book) Kenneth Hagin Jr.

Make Your Move and Receive The Blessings of God! If you’ve ever struggled trying to earn God’s blessings by doing good works, then this book will challenge and inspire you to enter a higher dimension in your Christian walk – the realm of faith! In It’s Your Move, Rev. Kenneth Hagin Jr. explains that through simple faith in God’s Word, you can confidently rise above any situation or circumstance and be victorious. Rev. Hagin Jr. teaches believers how to move out of the arena of discouragement and despair and move into the arena of God’s blessings, which He has already provided for them in Christ.

Man's Impossibility God's Possibility (Book) Kenneth Hagin Jr.

Crossing from Impossible to Possible missed? How many “impossible” opportunities have you missed? After all, nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37). But how do we span the chasm between what we see as impossible and what God sees as possible? In Man’s Impossibility—God’s Possibility, Kenneth Hagin Jr. explains how to build your faith, bridge the gap, and cross over from the dry land of your possibility to the fertile ground of God’s possibility.

Speak to Your Mountain (Book) Kenneth Hagin Jr.

Possess Your Mountain of God’s Blessings. Have you ever looked at a mountain of impossibility and wondered what to do? God has provided a way for you to remove those hindrances and barriers that stand in the way of possessing all that God has for you in this life. God wants you to get every mountain of hindrance out of your way so you can possess your promise land – the mountaintop of God’s blessings in Christ! Your inheritance in Christ is exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or think. This book will inspire you and teach you how to remove every mountain of hindrance, so you can possess the mountain of God’s blessings in your promised land!

Walking by Faith (Book) Kenneth E. Hagin

Faith makes the difference between defeat and victory in a Christian's life. When believer's walk by faith, they experience God's best- because there is no failure in God. In this informative study guide it is explained how you can lead a life of overcoming faith.

What Comes After Faith? (Book) Kenneth Hagin Jr.

Adding to Your faith. True spiritual maturity comes as we add very necessary character qualities to our faith. Peter tells exactly what we’re to add to our faith –virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness and charity. When we see these operating in our everyday life, we will see our faith strengthened like never before. It is time for us to grow up and be the mature Christians God designed us to be. As he is, so are we in this world. More and more Jesus will be seen through us to this lost and dying world as we develop and grow in Christian character.

The Spirit of Faith (Book) Mark Hankins

If you knew what was on the other side of your mountain you would move it. In The Spirit of Faith, Mark Hankins reminds you that if it was God’s will for the mountain to be there, Jesus would not have told you to move it. Therefore, if it is there, you can move it because there is no mountain in the sphere of your life that you cannot move. Your mountain needs to hear your voice.

The Power of Your Words (Book) Robert Morris

In this two disc series, Robert Morris, explores several amazing truths about the physical and emotional impact words can have. We need to think more about the words we use and how much power we have to create or destroy, encourage or discourage, heal or wound. Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” Our words do definitely do matter.

There is a Miracle in Your Mouth (Book) John Osteen

The truth in this book has helped changed the lives of many people. It is the key to miracles. It is the secret of maintaining healing and victories. The Bible says, “The Word is nigh thee even in thy mouth”. This book will help you receive the help from God by making your confessions unto deliverance.

The Power of Faith for Today’s Christian (Book) R. W. Schambach

This book provides a vital experience with the heroes of faith in God’s hall of fame. The author covers such topics as Power to Receive Strength and Put the Power of Faith to Work.

The Case for Faith (Book) Lee Strobel

In The Case for Faith, Strobel turns his tenacious investigative skills to the most persistent emotional objects to belief –the eight “heart” barriers to faith. The Case for Faith is for those who may be feeling attracted to Jesus but who are faced with intellectual barriers standing squarely in their path. For Christians, it will deepen their convictions and give them fresh confidence in discussing Christianity with even their most skeptical friends.

Bitten By Devils (Book) Lester Sumrall

The supernatural account of a young girl bitten by unseen demons, documented by medical doctors and her miraculous deliverance that would bring revival to a nation.

The Believer's Handbook (Book) Lester Sumrall

The spiritual realm is all around us, and more things count on spiritual battles than we realize. Sumrall gives you examples of his encounters with angels, demons and the living God that will convince you that there's more to this world than what you can experience through your senses. Find true joy and God's supernatural presence each day. God has a perfect plan for every aspect of your life.

How to Make Your Faith Work (Book) Paul Yonggi Cho and Robert Schuller

This book does not offer a message of dreamy-eyed positive thinking. Instead it is a call for a return to basics. Practical faith. How God can save a marriage, salvage delinquent kids and guide you to a new beginning. This book addresses the effects of sin and the need for sincerity in prayer.

Greater Works (Book) Smith Wigglesworth

Your heart will be stirred as you read in Wigglesworth's own words the dramatic accounts of miraculous healings of people whom doctors has given up as hopeless. Discover how God can use you to reach out to a hurting world. “Christ in us is greater than we know. All things are possible if you dare to believe.”

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