... then you will know the truth,

and the truth will set you free

John 8:32

We are starting Saturday January 4th and will continue each week except the weekend before each statutory holiday  

* Lesson 1 The New Cloth and New Wineskins 4-Jan-20

* Lesson 2 The Two Debtors page 22 4-Jan-20

* Lesson 3 The Lamp on a Stand 11-Jan-20

* Lesson 4 The Parable of the Sower 18-Jan-20

* Lesson 5 The Growing Seed 25-Jan-20

* Lesson 6 The Wheat and Weeds 25-Jan-20

* Lesson 7 The Mustard Seed 25-Jan-20

* Lesson 8 The Yeast 1-Feb-20

* Lesson 9 The Hidden Treasure - A Pearl of Great Price 1-Feb-20

* Lesson 10 The Net 1-Feb-20

* Lesson 11 The Unmerciful Servant 1-Feb-20

* Lesson 12 The Good Samaritan 8-Feb-20

* Lesson 13 The Friend at Midnight 8-Feb-20

* Lesson 14 The Rich Fool 8-Feb-20 

***Family Day Holiday Mon,February 17

* Lesson 15 The Wedding Banquet 22-Feb-20

* Lesson 16 The Wise Manager 22-Feb-20

* Lesson 17 The Barren Fig Tree 22-Feb-20

* Lesson 18 The Wedding Feast Invitation 29-Feb-20

* Lesson 19 The Lost Sheep 29-Feb-20

* Lesson 20 The Lost Coin 29-Feb-20

* Lesson 21 The Prodigal Son 7-Mar-20

* Lesson 22 The Shrewd Manager 7-Mar-20

* Lesson 23 The Persistent Widow 14-Mar-20

* Lesson 24 The Pharisee and the Tax Collector 14-Mar-20

* Lesson 25 The Workers in the Vineyard 14-Mar-20

* Lesson 26 The Two Sons 21-Mar-20

* Lesson 27 The Wicked Tenants 21-Mar-20

* Lesson 28 The Great Banquet 28-Mar-20

* Lesson 29 The Ten Virgins 28-Mar-20

* Lesson 30 The Ten Talents & Ten Minas 4-Apr-20

*** ***Good Friday April 10 - Easter Monday April 10

Program Introduction: The Parables of Jesus 4-Apr-20 From: 4-Jan-20 To: 2020_Parables A parable is a short, simple story designed to communicate a spiritual truth, religious principle, or moral lesson; a figure of speech in which truth is illustrated by a comparison or example drawn from everyday experiences. They are not just simple folk stories or fables of fiction- revelation truth of the Kingdom. Jesus often used parables to take abstract spiritual truths, in order to illustrate and explain them in concrete everyday examples for the people to understand. King Jesus came to usher in His kingdom on this earth in the lives of humanity; first as a spiritual one, but later on in the future as a physical one