Word of Life Church

  ... then you will know the truth,
                            and the
truth will set you free
                                                                                                                                                                                               John 8:32

Sermon Outlines Objective: The purpose of the sermon outlines is to provide an abbreviated version of “The Elementary Principles of Christ” series into condensed messages for Saturday morning teaching. 

Sermon 1: Going onto Maturity – Hebrews 5:7-6:1 - Spiritual Growth 
o Stages of development 
    Characteristics/traits of: infants, children, young people, fathers/mothers 
    Leaving the world behind 
o What makes us grow 
    Diet (milk vs meat) – beware of tainted food (false teaching) 
    Exercise and repetition (practice makes perfect) 
o Walking in love – maturity measurement 
    Sin is selfishness vs Righteousness is walking in love 
    Serving others is what love looks like 

Sermon 2: Repentance from Dead Works – Hebrews 6:1 - God’s Grace 
o Yoke of Slavery 
    Pride and the traditions of men (look at me vs look at Jesus) 
    No more legalism and useless rituals of religion- man made rules 
o Two kinds of works 
    Sinner- repentance and faith in Jesus 
    Saint- sanctification by grace through faith- bearing fruit organically 
o By Grace 
    Definition- The Power of God at work in us who believe 
    Source- The Word of His Grace 

Sermon 3: Faith in God – Hebrews 6:1 - Bible Faith 
o Through Faith 
    What is Faith- three kinds of faith – Saving, Bible, Special 
    Mixing the Word with faith releases God’s grace - power 
o Word of Faith 
    Faith Comes by Hearing - Power of Words and Bible meditation 
    Mental ascent- the counterfeit of real faith 
o Spirit of Faith 
    What it means to believe with your heart – fully persuaded 
    Faith as a Seed – releasing or turning your faith loose 

Sermon 4: Instruction about Baptisms – Hebrews 6:2 - Total Immersion 
o Baptized into Christ 
    Water and the blood- identified with Christ, death, burial & resurrection 
    Joined to the Body of Christ by the Holy Spirit 
o Baptism in Water 
    Public testimony and witness that Jesus is our Lord and Savior 
    Dead to the world, flesh and the devil 
o Baptism in the Holy Spirit 
    Clothed with power from on High to be a witness- fulfill Great Commission 
    Door to the supernatural- Spiritual Gifts 

Sermon 5: The Laying on of Hands – Hebrews 6:2 - Impartation 
o The Anointing 
    The Holy Spirit is the anointing – power of God 
    For Healing, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, ministry 
o The Name of Jesus 
    All power and authority in heaven and earth in that Name 
    For salvation, healing, deliverance, prayer of petition, church discipline 
o Don’t be Hasty in the Laying on of Hands 
    Not a magic wand- faith needs to be present 
    Beware of other people you don’t know laying hands on you- wrong spirit 

Sermon 6: The Resurrection of the Dead – Hebrews 6:2 - Living for Eternity 
o Jesus Raised from the dead 
    The resurrection is at the heart of Christianity 
    Jesus the first born again from the dead- a spiritual new birth 
o Judgment Seat of Christ 
    What are we building on the foundation of Jesus- wood, hay or straw etc. 
    Rewards and responsibilities during the Millennium 
o Rapture of the Church 
    Living as though Jesus will be catching us away the next hour 
    Fulfilling the Great Commission and then the end will come 

Sermon 7: Eternal Judgment – Hebrews 6:2-3 - Everlasting Punishment 
o Why Sin must be Judged - man goes to hell by choice 
    Sin like a cancer if left uncheck will consume everything – innocents suffer 
    Noah’s Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, Purging of the Canaanites 
o Hell is a Real Place 
    For those who die in their sins and reject God’s plan of salvation 
    Three compartments of hell- Hades, Abraham’s Bosom and Abyss 
o The Lake of Fire - the second resurrection - physical 
    The Great White Throne Judgment Seat of Almighty God 
    Who is thrown into the Lake of Fire 

Sermon 8: Making your Calling and Election Sure – Hebrews 6:4-12 - Don’t ever Quit on God 
o Finishing Strong 
    We will reap a harvest if we don’t give up – never quit 
    Making our hope sure by adding to our faith… you will never fall 
o Unpardonable Sin 
    For the unbeliever 
    For the Christian – if we disown Him 
o Seven Letters to the Seven Churches 
    Stay pure and uncontaminated by the world 
    Perseverance in the face of persecution