Word of Life Church

  ... then you will know the truth,
                            and the
truth will set you free
                                                                                                                                                                                               John 8:32


Waves of Salvation Sweep Africa (1 DVD) Reinhard Bonnke
The Harbinger Decoded (1 DVD) Jonathan Cahn
Ministers’ Conference 2006 (15 DVD's) Kenneth Copeland
The Rally (movie) (1 DVD) Kenneth Copeland
Erasing Shame (2 DVD's) Creflo Dollar
Live Big (3 DVD's) Creflo Dollar
Excellence of Spirit (1 DVD) Jesse Duplantis
H2O A Journey of faith (1 DVD)
El Shaddai-The God is more than enough (1 DVD) Kenneth E Hagin
Loose Him and Let Him Go!-Camp meeting 1976 (1 DVD) Kenneth E Hagin
When the Spirit gets to movin’ (1 DVD) Kenneth E Hagin
Just walk across the room (1 DVD) Bill Hybels
Igniter Videos (1 DVD)
Marriage Enrichment 2012 (3 DVD's) Keith Moore
Thanksgiving Victory (14 DVD's) Keith Moore
Would Jesus wear a Rolex? (9 DVD's) Keith Moore
Speaking favour into your future (1 DVD) Joel Osteen
Bible seminar (4 DVD's) Chris Oyakhilome
The Fourth Man (1 DVD) Jerry Savelle
20 mini-movies collection (1 DVD) Dan Stevers
Videos files for presentation software (2 DVD's)  Dan Stevers
A Practical Introduction to the Christian Faith 2006 edition - The Alpha Course
Manual: A Practical Introduction to Christian Faith - The Alpha Course
Apologetics Seminar (2 DVD's)