Word of Life Church

  ... then you will know the truth,
                            and the
truth will set you free
                                                                                                                                                                                               John 8:32

DVD & CD COMBO by Joel Osteen

Bloom-Growing In The Place God Has You (1-1)
Elevate-Living At The Next Level (1-1)
Everyday Favor-God’s Best For You (1-2)
Grace-When You Need It Most (1-1)
Higher-Discovering New Seasons Of Increase
Imagine-Life The Way You Want It To Be (1-2)
Jump-Taking A Lead Of Faith (1-2)
Life Is Gift (1-2)
Living Boldly-Choosing To Believe And Expect Big (1-1)
Miracles Happen-Anything Is Impossible When You Believe (1-2)
Reach-Keys To Living At Your Greatest Potential (4-4)
Rejoice-Simple Secrets To Better Days (1-1)
Supernatural-Believing For The Impossible In Your Life (1-1)
The Lord Gives-Enjoying God’s Abundance (1-2)
Today Is Your Day (1-2)