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Cook, Tony: Keys To Studying & Interpreting The Bible (4)

Copeland, Kenneth & Gloria: Angels On Assignment Providing Relentless Protection (2)

40 Life-Changing Broadcasts From 2014 (8)

The Tithe-God’s Invitation Financial Freedom (4)

Hunter, Charles and Frances: Discover Your Ministry (1)

Forgiveness (1)

Get Rid Of Bad Attitudes! (1)

How To Receive And Maintain A Healing (1)

7 Steps to Ministering Healing Successfully (1)

Hybels, Bill: Just Walk Across The Room (1)

Igniter: Bumpers02*Just add text

Leaf, Caroline Dr.: A Better Way to Think (1)

Moore, Keith: God is Good (9)

How to Make Decisions (1)

Perfect Protection (12)

The Greater Faith. Conference 2014 (1)

The Joy Of Faith (1)

The Truth About Temptation (9)

The Way Out (1)

Osborn, LaDonna: The Re-Defining Power of Love (1)

Osteen, Joel: Double For Your Trouble-God’s Reward For Staying In Faith (2)

I Declare-Proclaiming The Promises Of God Over Your Life (4)

Jump (6)

Seek And Find-Discovering The God Who Rewards (4)

With You For You-Living In God’s Presence And Favor (3)

Prince, Joseph: Ask Big God Loves To Give (2)

Experience Grace (4)

Favor When You Least Expect It (4)

Forgiven And Free (3)

God Wants You Healed! (4)

God’s Glory on You (2)

God’s Provision For Your Protection (4)

Healing Is For You (4)

Irresistible Favor (2)

New Day New Way-Making Grace Your Way Of Life (2)

No More Fear (4)

Pray Powerful Prayers (4)

Receive Your Miracle (3)

Release The Holy Spirit’s Gift In You

Renewed Mind Renewed Hope (2)

Right Believing Leads To Right Living (4)

Speak It! See It!-Activate God’s Promises For Your Life (4)

Unconscious Faith-Receiving God’s Faith For You! (3)

Walking In Supernatural Success (2)

Roberts, Lindsay: Taking Your Seat!

Winston, Bill: Heaven On Earth The Kingdom Of God (3)

Yandian, Bob: A Time To Prosper (8)

Can You Loose Your Salvation? (6)

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life (4)

Creating A Sensitive Heart (4)

Hearing God’s Voice (2)

Life Among The Lawless (6)

The Call Of God (2)

The Problem With Promiscuity (2)

What is Going On In The Middle East? (2)

Where Do I Fit? (4)

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