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Magnify the LORD with Me: Testimonies that Uplift (Book) Lucy Adjei-Gaisie

It started when she was a baby… She experienced God’s healing power miraculously when both medical doctors and native doctors in her country had given up. It continued when she was a toddler; God healed her after she passed out from blood loss after being attacked by a dog. The miracles continued throughout her life. Magnify the Lord with Me is a collection of life-changing testimonies in the life of Lucy Adjei-Gaisie. Her life story demonstrates God’s regular intervention in the life of his children.

Every Lady Deserves a Home (Book) John Benton

The story of the Walter Hoving Home show that year after year girls with no hope and tragic pasts are literally swept of the dead street and given new lives and new possibilities. They are nursed to health, given whole new visions of life and their own worth and introduced to Jesus.

Flight to Heaven (Book) Capt. Dale Black

A pilot's true story about a plane crash… a lone survivor…a journey to heaven - and back.

Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul (Book) Jack Canfield

101 stories to open the heart and rekindle the spirit.

The Big Fisherman (Book) Lloyd C. Douglas

In this novel, the author centers the main character around the life of the Apostle Peter.

Blazing the Gospel Trail (Book) James Benton Ellis

The author tells the story of his life giving a few sketches of his childhood days’ experiences and those of his ministerial life. It is his hope that his story would help others who may go through similar experiences.

The Reason for My Hope: Salvation (Book) Billy Graham

At the age of ninety-five Billy Graham proclaims God’s Gospel with resolve and deep compassion. It is a message he has been preaching for more than seventy years. And in this book you will sense its urgency, filled with hope for the future.

The Ark of the Covenant (Book) Roderick Grierson and Stuart Munro-Hay

The Ark of the Covenant is one of the greatest mysteries of ancient history. It was built after God spoke to Moses –in Mount Sinai-yet, even though the Ark was said to possess the power of life and death, the Hebrew Bible contains no record of its fate. This book takes the reader on a tour of the dazzling mythology that surrounds the Ark of the Covenant as it provides a wonderfully intricate and learned account of the Ark.

The Heavenly Man (Book) Paul Hattaway

It is the intensely dramatic story of how God took a young half-starved boy from a poor village in Henan Province and used him mightily to preach the gospel despite horrific position. This book is like reading a modern day version of the Book of Acts.

The Secret of His Power (Book) Albert Hibbert

My purpose in writing this work is by the help of God, to make plain the different aspects of his life and to open for discovery the secret of his power with God so that we may learn from his experience how we might work more effectively for God in these last days. In the recorded history of mankind few people have accomplished more in the realm of the supernatural than Smith Wigglesworth.

Character is the Issue (Book) Mike Huckabee

In this memoir, Governor Huckabee recounts those historic hours along with the rest of his journey from blue-collar family in Hope Arkansas to ordained minister, Senate candidate and a place on the national political stage. Through it all, he underscores the power of integrity, honor and faith in our culture-- and the dangers of turning away from them.

Angel Flight 44 (Book) Glen Hyde and Rich Vermillion

Angel Flight 44 is the true story of two dedicated pilots, a 60 year-old airplane, and the amazing Hurricane Katrina Mission that birth a new aviation ministry. This book was born out of the supernatural flight missions that saved countless lives by the grace of God. The numerous testimonies of this adventure have already profoundly impacted the thousands who have heard them. Now that they are collected within this book, these stories should simply impact you.

The Road Unseen (Book) Peter and Barbara Jenkins

In The Road Unseen, the authors share their spiritual journey of walking out the call of God for their lives. Although an exhilarating adventure, it was also an exhausting test that pushed them to the edge of their physical and spiritual endurance. The testing and growing did not stop at the end of the walk, but the authors continued to experience the hand of God in the daily affairs of their lives. The Road Unseen clearly shows that that you need not go the miles alone—no matter what the road you’re traveling.

When Bad Things Happen to Good People (Book) Harold. S Kushner

Where is God when you need him the most? When the young die tragically and freak accidents reach out at random to destroy good people in their prime-- where should we turn to for comfort? The author asked that universal question, "Why?" for ten long years as he lived with the knowledge that his son was doomed by a disease so rare most people have never heard of it. Through his family's shared ordeal this distinguished clergyman came to see God as he never had before-- a God who does weep with us, wont abandon us, and can fill the deepest needs of an anguished heart.

"He Touched Me and Set Me Upright" (Book) Grant P. Kyllo

The molding process of God's hand in the lives of His children is evidenced in this personal testimony. See the painful experienced of surrender and then the fruit of joy and peace.

God’s Generals II: The Roaring Reformers (Book) Robert Liardon

In an atmosphere of oppression and darkness, the Reformers came with revelation from God and translations of the Bible into common language. Robert Liardon will introduce you to six men who fought to reintroduce the beliefs and principles of the early church. You’ll journey with them through their periods of enlightenment and their periods of persecution. As you read about these men who sacrificed everything in their fight for God, and view the many revealing photos, you will appreciate the freedom you have to worship, find encouragement for your spiritual battles, and be motivated to find biblical truth for your own life.

10 Amazing Muslims Touched by God (Book) Faisal Malick

In their own words ten amazing Muslims tell their stories about how God chose to reveal Himself to them in extraordinary supernatural ways.

Beyond Ourselves (Book) Catherine Marshall

This is a spiritual adventure story, covering a rich variety of subjects from the author's childhood to the influence of her famous husband, Peter Marshall. In this book she offers practical guidance on subjects like free will, the nature of God, and how we can live at peace with ourselves in a troubled world.

Undaunted (Book) Josh McDowell & Cristobal Krusen

Undaunted is one man’s real-life journey from unspeakable memories to unbelievable grace. Josh McDowell would become one of the world’s most well-know evangelists. But his story begins with a young boy on a farm … one who did not believe in God.

His Life, Sermons, And His Boldness Of Faith (Book) John G. Lake

This book, which tells Lake's life story through an authorized biography and his sermons, shows – perhaps more than any other- how bold faith like Lake's can come alive in any believer who will receive.

E.W. Kenyon: The True Story (Book) Joe McIntyre

In response to vicious attacks on E.W. Kenyon and the Faith movement, McIntyre researched the facts and boldly expresses the truth about this man of faith and how his personal relationship with God has impacted generations.

The Time is NOW (Book) Audrey Meisner

A look behind the scenes at the creation of NOWTV. This story displays the amazing grace of God to plant a dream in the hearts of an ordinary couple to touch a hopeless generation with His love. Read how God is good even when circumstances are seemingly impossible.

To Heaven and Back (Book) Mary C. Neal MD

A doctor's extraordinary account of her death, heaven, angels and life again.

The Life of Faith (Book) Cornelia Nuzum

A woman of mystery. A woman of faith. No one knows anything about her husband or family…. But Mrs.Cornelia Nuzum, a missionary to Mexico knew what it meant to live The Life of Faith.

Gold in Life’s Hourglass (Book) Viola Pahl

Gold in Life’s Hourglass is a heart-warming story of an ordinary family with an extraordinary God. Raised in a home where alcohol brought chaos and tragedy, the author longed for freedom in her adulthood. An encounter with Jesus Christ however brought a new dimension to her life, and her fervent goal was to be a missionary. However, because of sickness missionary work abroad was not possible. She and her husband pursued the call of God and entered full-time ministry in Canada.

90 Minutes in Heaven (Book) Don Piper & Cecil Murphey

Reading the testimony of the author will give you the assurance that God is faithful to bring you through even the most horrific of circumstances.

Billy Graham: Evangelist to the World (Book) John Pollack

This book is an autobiography of Billy Graham, probably the best known religious figure of the age. As the author has previous told the story of his life and ministry up to 1969, this book covers the period from 1970 to the time of printing. John Pollock further provides both an “inside story” of Billy Graham and a history of his ministry.

Inspiring Women of the Faith (Book) Barbour Publishing

Meet four inspiring women of the Christian faith and allow their stories to transform your life: 1) Sojourner Truth though born a slave would spread the fires of freedom all the way to Congress 2) Florence Nightingale never question the day God called her into His service turning the medical world upside down as she demonstrated Jesus’ teaching of service to the least of these my brethren 3) Amy Carmichael embraced an usual mission in India that changed the lives of over one thousand children 4) Corrie Ten Boom and her family built a secret room in their room to protect the Jews from the Nazis

Beyond Death's Door (Book) Maurice Rawlings M.D

Does death represent the end of this life or the beginning of another? Is there evidence to support the biblical description of hell? Anyone who has ever pondered these and similar questions will find new fascinating food for thought in Beyond Death's Door, a significant book by a heart specialist that recounts the experiences of individuals who have survived clinical death and returned to tell us about it.

Angels Along the Way (Book) Della Reese

Reese career spans more than 50 years. She began as a church singer at the age of 6, and by age 13 had her first professional job. But she’s never enjoyed a larger more adoring audience than she has today.

A Man called Mr. Pentecost- David Duplessis (Book) Bob Slosser

This is the story of David du Plessis, the African-born Pentecostal preacher whose obedience to the Lord led him in love and humility to such unlikely places as the World Council of Churches and the Vatican.

In Pursuit of God- The Life of A. W Tozer (Book) James Snyer

This biography of A.W. Tower is laced with vignettes from Mrs.Tozer, family, friends and colleagues providing audience with insight into the man and ministry of the man that was affectionately called “Tozer”.

The Life I Did Not Plan (Book) Sabrina Szabo

The author story of her will and commitment to become a writer is exemplary and nothing better than this book to describe her incredible faith in God; reflecting her amazing journey throughout the "life she did not plan".

Vienna Prelude (Book) Bodie Thoene

This novel, opens in pre-World War II Austria. Elisa Lindheim a violinist with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra is of Jewish heritage but has adopted an Aryan stage name. Thus she is able to travel and play in Germany even though a 1935 law forbade Jewish musicians to do so. Her own identity is safely disguised, but what about those she loved most? They would disappear with all the others unless…

Dance of the Broken Heart (Book) John and Patti Thompson

Dance of the Broken Heart is the amazing poignant and candid story of how one couple’s tragically broken marriage was healed through a new covenant with God. The authors share their vulnerability as they open themselves up to God healing love. You will see their struggle and hear their voices as they grapple with some of the most compelling issues of our time: meaning and future of marriage; the sanctity of the family, etc.

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